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Kids Room!!

We love that our gym is a family place and that we have a great space for kids to hang while their parents are working out. Showing them the value of fitness is so important and what better way is there to teach this than by doing – we all know they love to emulate mom & dad.

The room is unsupervised so kids must be able to sit quietly and be

self-entertained without the need for parent intervention for the entire hour. Feel free to bring books, washable crayons/markers, homework, puzzles, handheld gaming systems or tablets (with headphones), or other quiet activities for your kids. The TV is there for DVD’s as well.  In order to make sure everyone in our community stays safe (including our kiddos), we ask that all members that bring children to the gym follow the rules below:



Children must either sit quietly on the benches on the gym floor or in the kids room.  They may not come out on to the gym floor any time a member is working.  It is simply a safety thing.  


No food is allowed in the kids room. We do not know all the allergies and medical issues of other members kids so please no food in the kids room. It is also a sanitary issue that we keep the kids room clean. If they need a snack, please get it in them before they head in the kids room. Only drinks in “no-spill” containers will be allowed is allowed in the kids room. 


It is your responsibility to see that your child has cleaned up after themselves. If you bring your child to the kids room please make sure it is cleaned up afterwards. 


Children are expected to behave appropriately according to their age group. If a child is disrespectful, abusive to another child or destructive in any way it will be addressed both with the child and the parent. This is not being meant as a disrespect but more of a reminder to the children and the parents that proper behavior will be enforced.  We still love you regardless.


If your child is being very loud or disruptive during a workout it is YOUR responsibility to take care of whatever the issue is. We understand kids will be kids, but if your child is constantly screaming, getting out of the kids room, etc. it is your responsibility to put down the barbell and take care of your child. We have an amazing staff that will help in some situations, but their responsibility is training and the safety of the members working out. This is especially true when we are teaching movements. If you are having a hard time hearing because your child is being loud it probably means everyone else is having a hard time hearing too. Please take the time and take care of your child, doing so in a way that is not equally disruptive.


For the safety of everyone involved, parents are asked not to bring sick children to the Kids Room or CrossFit Endless Summer. The following standards will be enforced to ensure that all children and staff are protected from communicable diseases. Children with the following symptoms will not be allowed in the kids room:

• Productive cough
• Unidentified rash
• Fever any grade
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Pink eye
• Bad cold
• Reddened sore throat

Children must be symptom free for 24 hours after symptoms cease. If your child does not attend school due to an illness, they should not be brought with you to the gym.

Lastly, some kids have too much energy to be confined to one room. Some like to climb walls, or furniture, or people. Some need to work on their sharing and cooperation skills. Some can turn a crayon into a lethal weapon. We love ALL kids, but if your kid happens to be one of these, you’ll probably need to find somewhere else to take them while you workout. OR…we will have a CrossFit kids program in the near future. Stay tuned for further details — we can help them burn that energy off!!! You know your kid better than we do; just use your best judgment.

We love you all and all your kids but we want safety first. We want to welcome everyone to our CrossFit Endless Summer Family and want to have some ground rules to make sure that every time anyone comes it is an enjoyable experience no matter who they are.